Georgian Bay Vacations
The Fine Print
Your Safety Comes First
Above all, I want your vacation to be a safe one.  The Georgian Bay 30,000 Islands is one of the world's natural wonders, however, there are dangers present.  If there are 30,000 Islands, there are 130,000 Rocks!  Your Host has met a few of them over the years and knows the perils including those related to the weather.  Today, after cruising these waters for over 26 years now, your safety and comfort will be paramount.  Each watercraft is equipped with all of the prescribed safety equipment and then some.  The main deep water fishing boat is a 23 foot comfortable Bayliner Trophy walkabout.  It is equipped with a cuddy cabin in case you want out of the sun or breeze.  Down below is comfortable seating and table as well as the head (toilet).  For navigation, there's the GPS satellite system that shows exactly where we are on the Georgian Bay charts and the safe, well marked channels.  We will only tour and fish the areas familiar to your Host.  For communication, there's the VHF marine band radio and/or the cell phone. Your Host has taken the F.N.C.C. Safe Boating Course and holds a valid operators card.  He also has passed the Red Cross Standard and Emergency First Aid Course and is a Certified First Aid Provider.   
You will be given a short safety and orientation briefing upon your arrival at the cottage.  Immediately prior to each of the activities during your stay, there will also be a brief reminder.  When you confirm your reservation by sending your deposit, you acknowledge and accept responsibility to follow all safety requirements, and agree to reimburse Georgian Bay Vacations for any major damage you may cause due to accident, negligence or abuse of the facilities or equipment.  Normal wear and tear is not considered abuse.  The reservation holder is responsible for all guests.
Cruising, Fishing and Watersport Use of WaterCraft
The package price of your stay includes the time of the host, gasoline, fishing supplies, and all other operating expenses of the watercraft.  It also includes  a Conservation fishing licence for up to 4 adults/teens if required.  Add $20 per person aged 18-65 over 4 people.  We usually fish CPR (catch, photograph and release), however, you may keep your limit if you're willing to clean and eat them.   We always keep and eat  the deep water fish which will not likely survive and are good eating. Most Deep Water Fishing uses the Bayliner Trophy boat described above.  Maximum number of fishermen is 4, however, there is room for more passengers depending on their size and weight.  Most Cruising, Shallow water fishing, and Watersports use a 2007, 19 foot Legend bowrider boat with a 115hp Mercury outboard.  It has comfortable seating for 8 people or more with children.   It has plenty of pep for waterskiing and room for 4 fishermen.  Also available for your use is a 14' Lund Aluminum Boat that is very solid and safe.  It is equipped with a Mercury 15 hp motor that has enough pep for most activities.  Your use of this boat is restricted to the safe waters of Twelve Mile Bay.  You do not yet require a valid boat operators card to run this boat. I reserve the right to restrict the total usage of the power boats to a reasonable number of hours per day on average.    Use of the paddleboat, canoes and kayak is unlimited but requires observance of all the safety rules.
Sailing on Twelve Mile bay is a little tricky due it's narrow nature, however, we usually tack down the bay upwind and then sail home.  This boat will be captained by your host unless you are a well experienced sailor and the weather conditions are favourable.  The CL-16 sailboat is a very stable, safe boat, and quite comfortable.
The Seadoo is a powerful machine capable of high speeds and dramatic manoevers.  As such, it can be dangerous to drivers un-accustomed to its operation.  You must be 16 years of age or older and hold a valid operators card in order to drive the Seadoo.  Alternately, I can issue a "rental checklist" that shows you have been instructed on the Safe Operation of the Seadoo and that is sufficient.  Your use of the Seadoo will be restricted to the safe waters of Twelve Mile Bay in a supervised area during daylight hours.  You can have great fun, but remember, your Safety and the Safety of Others is Priority Number One.  Included in each package is use of the Seadoo for one full tank of gas.  Additional time is available at a charge of $35 per hour.
Bombardier All Terrain Vehicle  (ATV)
The ATV is also a powerful machine that requires respect.  You must be 12 years of age to operate the ATV and only on the safe designated roads and the Harrison Trail.  You will be required to review the safety orientation before operating the ATV.  It is a two passanger machine that is great fun to operate, but again, safely.
Included in each package is 2 hrs use of the ATV per day.  Additional time is charged at $35 per hour.
The cottage accommodations are private for you or your group alone.  Visitors are not allowed unless previously approved.   If you need more sleeping accommodation than the cottage, a small but fully equipped travel trailer that sleeps 5 is parked right behind the cottage. There is an additional charge of $100 per person over 8 people. Both the Trailer and the Cottage are non-smoking facilities, however you can smoke outside if necessary.  Your Host has separate accommodations next door and will only be available when needed for serving meals or excursions or watersports.  Your privacy is of utmost priority. 
The local community is a family community and as such it is expected that you will respect the rights and privacy of our neighbours.  Quiet time after 11pm   You will be asked to leave without refund of your fee if you do not respect these conditions.  Pets are allowed as long as they are not vicious or overly loud. 
Care for the Environment
The clean clear water and natural environment are precious to all who live in our community.  In order to protect and maintain this important resource, you will be asked to respect certain conditions while you are here.  This includes restrictions on the release of any hazardous chemical substances, litter , or garbage.  Also, the cottage is equipped with complete washroom and bathing facilities.  The use of soap or shampoo while swimming is strictly  prohibited.  With the natural environment at the cottage, comes some of nature's other inhabitants.  If you are afraid of getting a mosquito bite, don't come.  By summer, however, most of them are gone.   You will also  see a lot of other creatures nearby, none of them obnoxious or dangerous, but we share the land with them and they were here first.  We need to protect their homes as well as our own.
Your Host does not have a Liquor Licence and will not serve or sell alcoholic beverages.  You may, however, bring your own or alternatively, I will provide a delivery service for your choice.  You may also purchase alcoholic beverages at the Sans Souci LCBO on Frying Pan Island.  No Alcoholic Beverages are allowed while or immediately prior to any boating activity.  Your Host does not drink. 
Payment Terms and Conditions
A deposit equal to 25% of your package fee is due at the time of your reservation.  Reservations are taken on a first come basis with some exceptions.  Preference is given to Repeat Guests.  Reservations for New Guests in 2009 will not be confirmed until January 15, 2009.  Preference is also given to Weeklong and Mid Week packages.  Weekend packages will not be confirmed more than 60 days before the event.  Your deposit cheque will not be cashed until your reservation is confirmed.  Unless otherwise stated, any verbal reservation will only be held for one week without receiving the deposit at the address below.  When your deposit is received and your reservation confirmed,  you will receive a written acknowledgement along with an information package.  If you need to cancel more than 30 days in advance of your scheduled vacation, your deposit will be 100% refunded.  Within 30 days, 50% of your deposit will be forfeited and 50% of your deposit can be applied towards another available vacation or forfeited.  Your host reserves the right to cancel any reservation due to circumstances beyond his control and with full refund of deposit.  Payment in full must be made prior to your departure from the cottage.    Cash or personal cheques are accepted after you have completed the reservation questionnaire.  You will receive a receipt for all fees if needed.  Any failure to make payments for packages or damages will be pursued in Small Claims Court and with the Barrie Credit Bureau. Do you really want to ruin your credit rating?
Your Host
Your Host is Dave Whidden of Stratford Ontario.  Dave is an early retired business manager who wanted to get out of the rat race and do more enjoyable things.  The best career advice I ever received was to find something you really enjoy doing, and then find a way to get paid for it.  Georgian Bay Vacations is a sole proprietorship, registered to Dave Whidden in the Province of Ontario with head office in Stratford Ontario.  I am fully insured and have all the permits required for services offered.  Operations are carried out for the most part at 2181 Harrison Trail, Twelve Mile Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Dave Whidden
95 Lightbourne Avenue            
Stratford, Ontario  N4Z 1C8        519-301-3526